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Kitesurf School Sardinia

our kite school in Porto Pino

Kitesurf School Sardinia

Porto Pino the amazing kite spot

Kitesurf School Sardinia

Porto Pino... it's a paradise

Kitesurf School Sardinia

kite zone in Is Solinas

Kitesurf course in Sardinia

beginner and advanced course, tailored lesson

Kite Camp Sardinia

live our Kite Camp

Kitesurf School Sardinia

and other kite spot to discover

Kitesurf Sardinia Wave

learn how to surf

Kite Safari Sardinia

live the adventure following the wind

IKO Kitesurf School Sardinia

IKO assistant instructor course and shadowing

Kitesurf School Sardinia

100% windy

Kitesurf School Sardinia

Are you ready to fly?

Kitesurf Sardinia.it:
visit the south west coast of Sardinia and discover a new paradise for kitesurfing.
Our region is absolutely the most windy area of Sardinia. Indeed according to forecast statistics from Windguru and Windfinder from 1.2007 to 05.2014 we had in average 197 days with wind +4 Bft or more (60% windy days in one year). Instead the beautiful and famous Porto Pollo (north east Sardinia) only 140 windy day (38% windy days in one year).

So the south west coast of Sardinia with the amazing spot of Funtanamare, Punta Trettu, Sant'Antioco island, Porto Botte, Is Solinas, Porto Pino and Chia it's one of the most windy of Mediterranean Sea. At few km from us there is a huge wind power central of national electric company!!!

The KitesurfSadinia school is the Elite of teaching kiteboarding in south Sardinia with 8 years in the business and international experience!

Kitesurf is our passion, our job, it's the reason of our life; it isn't a summer work or something like..oh it's cool, let's try a kite school, we are professional and international instructors team.

We lead two kite school: one in the caribbean beach Porto Pino, in south west Sardinia, one in Mui Ne - Vietnam in the beautiful and luxury CocoBeach Resort.
We offer kitesurf lesson (beginner and advanced kitesurf course), kitesurf camp, kite trip(kite safari), equipment rental and nice accommodation for your kite holiday.
We provide private lesson or semiprivate lesson. You don't loose any minute of your lesson!
It's possible to have also the Video Clinic where we film you during the lesson, so learinig using the video feedback is super easy!!!!.

We choose only best instructors IKO certified with a long international experience.
That's because the IKO is the best school in the world for training kitesurf instructors!

Alessandro (IKO instructor L2 Senior - id 7744), founder of Kitesurf Sardinia school and KitesurfVietnam.com, has 8 years of experience of teaching and leading a kite school in Sardinia, Egypt and Vietnam.
In Italy is the number 8 as certified experience in the IKO
and since two years he's involved on training IKO assistant instructors and does the shadowing for those instructors that have to complete and improve their teaching knowledge.

Only the best for you, no unpreparedness, no bla bla bla, and real certified kitesurf instructors.

Thanks to our partnership with the real estate agency Casesardegna.info we can provide super nice accommodations for your holiday: apartment, hotel, villas, bed and breakfast, or relaxing agriturismo.
We arrange you kitesurf holiday with the same attention and care like for our holiday.

Do you want to learn kitesurf, or improve your kiteboarding?

Call Kitesurf Sardinia, call the Professional of Kitesurfing!